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Technical Notes, Bulletins, and Application Notes
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The following Technical Bulletins, Notices, and Application Notes may assist you with some common problems and questions when using your Data I/O programmer or this web site.

If you do not find what you are looking for here, try our searchable Knowledge Base. As always, you may contact Technical Support or send us an e-mail if you require additional assistance.

Technical Bulletins | Support Notices | Application Notes
Technical Bulletins
PS2900 Programmer System Support
Understanding Autosite Capacitor Configurations Word Format
Understanding Autosite Capacitor Configurations PDF Format
Updating Autosite software with Tasklink PDF Format.
Updating Autosite software with Tasklink Word Format.
CardPro and CardPro2 users should contact Card Professionals Ltd.
Support for Obsolete Programmers
PLUS 48:
PLUS 48 Error Message: "No devices found for selected Top and/or programmer filters"
5V System Reset Recovery
Thermal Printer ADC Adjustment Procedure ~ 80KB
3000 Dot Matrix Printer Word Format.
7000 Micro switch Part Numbers
Checksum Calculation with Special Data on Autosite PDF Format
Checksum Calculation with Special Data on Autosite Word format
Device list for Autosite and 2500 PDF Format.
Device list for Autosite and 2500 Word format.
Service and Spare Parts Support for ProMaster 2000 will end on October 28, 2000
Software on Promaster systems PDF Format
Software on Promaster systems Word Format.
Vacuum Generator Upgrade PM3000/7000 PDF Format
Vacuum Generator Upgrade PM3000/7000 Word format
Algorithm Update on PS Series with OPTIMA Programmers
BGA Socket
Creating Tasks and Running Jobs on PS300 with TLwin
Laser Filter Replacement
Maximizing Programming Yields on the PP100 Word format
Package file values that can cause SMAC head problems
Programmer Power On Off Procedure
PS300 Upgrade to TLWin V5.01 and AH400 V5.0.0
Shuttle Transfer Belt Replacement Guide SB143 ~2.3MB
Tape Output Pressure Seal Cleaning
Tape Output Sensor Locations
Vacuum Switch Adjustment
Reloading MEI card on PP100/PS200/300
TaskLink for DOS checksum feature on V2.08
Tasklink for DOS V2.08 Install Procedure
Support Notices
Internet Explorer:
Important Information for Users of Internet Explorer 5 and 5.5
TaskLink for Windows:
Updated Links in TaskLink for Windows Help Menus
Application Notes
Error 6011: Device Insertion Error
Error 6015: Compare Electronic ID Operation Failed on Memory Device
Error 6018: Device Programming Error
PSX Computer Remote Control Commands
Resetting PSX Module Identification Schemes
Generating Device Lists for Sprint Products
Using the JTAG Port on the TOP48 with Sprint Programmers
Programming 8 bit Devices for 16 bit and 32 bit Applications on UniFamily Programmers
Programming a Set of Serial PROMs from a Single File Using Hi-Term
UniSystem Computer Remote Control
Elastomeric Pads Can Last Longer
Handling Surface Mounted Devices
Incompatible User Data for the Device Selected
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