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In search of earlier software versions?
We have several earlier versions of software from which to choose. Select the software that you need from the list below to download it.

HiTerm (ZIP Archive 33 KB)—
Terminal Emulator for use with UniSystem Programmers (2900, 3900, 3980, 3980xpi, UniSite, UniSitexpi)

TaskLink v2.0A for DOS (Disk 1) (Disk 2) (WinImage Self-Extracting Archives)—
User interface software for use with UniSystem and PSX Programmers, as well as ProMaster and Quality Automation 2500, 3000, and 7000 Handlers.
This software is available free of charge. (Not for use with ProMaster 7500, 9500, or 970 Automated Handlers)

This software is only installable from a floppy disk.

This software is distributed as two WinImaged disks.

Download the two files above to your PC's hard drive.

Click on the files, one at a time, they will create floppy disks to install for you.

DO NOT copy the files to floppies, the files will not install using that method.



ABEL and SYNARIO Design Automation software packages are no longer supported by Data I/O Corporation and are now owned by Xilinx Software. For more information, please visit their web site or contact them at:

Xilinx Software
Email: sts@synario.com
Phone: (888) 796-2746

Additional Downloads

Helpful programming information for Atmel microcontrollers

Helpful programming information for Intel microcontrollers

Helpful programming information for Microchip microcontrollers
Helpful programming information for Motorola microcontrollers
Helpful programming information for National microcontrollers
Helpful programming information for Texas Instruments microcontrollers
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