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Discontinued Products
The following programmers are no longer being manufactured by Data I/O but are still fully supported. Software and hardware support contracts, parts, accessories, software and hardware upgrades, etc. are still available for these products. For price and availability of these items, please contact us:
2900 3900

The following products are no longer being manufactured. However, we will provide repairs and accessories on a best-effort basis for as long as we have available parts.
ProMaster 2500/7500 ProMaster 3000/7000
BoardSite 4XXX Series ProMaster 9500
BoardSite 5100 ProMaster 970
PSX 500 PSX 400
ProMaster 3000 Dot Matrix Printer PSX 1000

The following programmers are no longer being manufactured by Data I/O. Support is not available from Data I/O for these products.
CardPro Family1 Model 288/288A/2892
GangPak2 Model 29A/29B2
LogicPak2 Model 60A2
Model 120A/121A2 Model 60H2
Model 2012 ProMaster 2000
Model 2122 Series 10002
Model 21A2 Series 22/A2
Model 22A2 UniPak2
Model 2802 UniPak 22
2700 ChipLab/LabSite
ChipWriter ChipWriter Portable
ChipWriter Gang  

The following programmers were manufactured by SMS GmbH and were discontinued prior to the acquisition of SMS GmbH by Data I/O. Support is not available for these products.
Sprint Expert Series Sprint Plus Series
Sprint1 Series  

The following software packages are no longer being manufactured by Data I/O and are not supported.
ABEL3 SYNARIO Design Automation3


1 Data I/O has licensed Card Professionals Ltd. to manufacture and sell the CardPro and CardPro2 card readers/writers. Requests for repair, device support, technical support, calibration or documentation should be directed to the address below:

Card Professionals Limited
CedarMount House, Owlsmoor Rd.
Sandhurst, BerkShire
GU47 0SS, United Kingdom
E-mail: cardpro@dial.pipex.com
Web: http://www.card-professionals-uk.com

2 Data I/O has turned over all inventory and support of these unsupported programmers to:

Memory & Logic Programming Services
41 Logan Drive
Newport, VT 05855-9683
Phone: (802) 334-6088
Contact: Al Marin
E-mail: mlps_vt@yahoo.com
Web Site: http://www.memoryandlogicprogramming.com

3 Both ABEL and SYNARIO Design Automation software packages are now property of Xilinx Software:

Xilinx Software
Web site: http://www.xilinx.com/products/software/mincsynario/ms-infosite.htm
E-mail: sts@synario.com
Phone: (888) 796-2746

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