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DataMapper Image
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Your solution for data file translation, merging, & management.
Semiconductor Data Merge Tool.
Powerful Solution for advanced semiconductor applications.
Merge multiple files into one image. Use with any device programmer
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Product Description
Powerful Solution for Advanced Semiconductor Applications.
Today’s advanced semiconductor applications are typically created by teams of engineers and/or require data from multiple sources.

For example, an application may have
  • boot code
  • system software
  • application programs
  • and multiple data files.
Each of these may be developed and maintained separately.

When it comes time to program devices, these inputs must be merged into a single data file.

This is a repetitive, time-consuming and tedious task involving conversion of different file formats and mapping content into address space layouts.

The Data I/O DataMapper is an easy-to-use point-and-click application that quickly does all this for you, so you can spend more time with development and production activities and less time merging files.

DataMapper Features:
  • Merge multiple files into one image

  • Use with any device programmer

  • Handle any combination of multiple file formats

  • Overlapping address spaces

  • Automatic address adjustment or manually specify locations

  • Re-map pre-existing data files into new layouts

  • Supports multiple chip package usage

  • Save layouts as projects

  • Specify target file size and fill byte value

  • Add and delete files

  • Error checking

  • Automatic file type detection

  • Configurable byte swap

  • Specify output file name

  • Runs on Win95 through WinXP

  • Intuitive MS Windows graphical user interface

  • Drag and Drop

DataMapper Supported File Formats:
  • Formatted Binary

  • Absolute Binary

  • Hex Space STX

  • Hex Percent STX

  • Hex Apostrophe

  • Hex Comma STX

  • Hex Space SOH

  • Hex Percent SOH

  • Hex SMS

  • Hex Comma SOH

  • Motorola EXORciser

  • Intel INTELLEC

  • Motorola EXORMAX

  • Intel MCS 86

  • Motorola 32 bit

  • Intel Hex 32

Product Specifications
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[DataMapper-Datasheet_20051219.pdf - ]
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