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Optimized for High Speed Flash Device Programming
The FlashPAK II™ Networked Programming System supports the latest high-density Flash memory, NAND Flash, Microcontroller and EEPROM devices at maximum programming speeds and highest quality per device. FlashPAK II is the second generation programming architecture extending Data I/O’s unique design for high-speed Flash support.
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Product Description
FlashPAK II is a stand-alone system for high speed, flexible programming of Flash devices and programmable microcontroller devices in design engineering and production applications. Design engineers benefit from the speed, capacity and quality of a production programmer, but at a price point lower than traditional high-end engineering systems. Production managers and operators benefit from a robust, cost-effective system optimized for high-density Flash.

FlashPAK II programs at theoretical speeds as specified by the semiconductor manufactures. Its ergonomic design and software interface maximizes operator efficiency by combining speed and scalability in one system. Built-in networking capability means code and programming algorithms can be remotely distributed from PC to workstation—in the room, down the hall or around the globe.

FlashPAK II utilizes the same high speed programming architecture as the world's most advanced inline programming system, the ProLINE-RoadRunner™. TaskLink™ software provides process control, security, network distribution and reporting of programming jobs. Statistical information including programming data, job status and yield can flow from the programming system to the user’s manufacturing software.

The New Reference Standard for Speed
FlashPAK II programs Flash memory devices faster than the speed of silicon, limited only by the device structure itself. As silicon gets faster, FlaskPAK II will be there, waiting for it.
For specific programming times, Data I/O offers the most comprehensive device research center on the Internet, including accurate programming times verified by customers.

Microcontroller Support
In addition to high-speed Flash Memory programming, FlashPAK II supports the world’s leading microcontroller devices for automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial control applications. FlashPAK II programs popular device families including Microchip Technologies PICmicro® PIC10, PIC12, PIC16 and PIC18 series of 8bit programmable microcontrollers. FlashPAK II also supports Freescale MC68HC series, MC9S12 series, Atmel ATMega, AVR, and AT Tiny series, Fujitsu, NEC and Renesas and ST Microelectronics microcontroller families.

FlashPAK II is the newest component in Data I/O’s Connected Programming Strategy, which creates a unified programming solution — connecting engineering to manufacturing, business processes to business systems, and the programming supply chain to its users.

Cost Effective
The FlashPAK II system can grow with your business needs. Start with a single FlashPAK II, then, as you need more sites to increase throughput, add more units. Connect through FlashPAK II Ethernet interface and create an 8/12/16-site system. FlashPAK II's low price point and full featured versatility lowers the programming cost per device while providing an extremely effective and predictable ROI equation on the capital investment.

Superior Control
FlashPAK II uses Data I/O’s TaskLink® for Windows® process control software, providing the Production Supervisor with a world class tool for job optimization, security and performance monitoring. TaskLink keeps statistical updates on job status, operator performance, device yield and all relevant programming data in an ongoing record of your programming operation. Annual license contracts guarantee you the most current certified algorithms from the leading Flash producers and Data IO’s world class device support team.

Package Support
• µBGA

Function Support
• Blank Check
• Illegal Bit Check
• Erase
• Secure
• Program
• Pin Continuity
• Read
• Load from Master
• Verify

Optional Data I/O Software:
NAND Bad Block Schemes
Serial Number Server
Data Mapper
Version Control

Updates/System Software/Warranty:
• One year system warranty and renewable software subscriptions to programming algorithm updates and TaskLink ™

Flash Memory Support
• AMD Unlock bypass command
• Intel’s Enhanced Factory Flash Programming
• Contact us for other technologies.
Product Specifications
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