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ProLINE-RoadRunner™ is an automated inline programming feeder. The RoadRunner removes unprogrammed Flash Memory devices from tape, programs four devices in parallel, then delivers the programmed parts to the pick-up point of the placement machine.
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Product Description
Whether you currently outsource device programming or program in-line at test, Proline-RoadRunner offers substantial benefits

Benefits of moving from outsourcing to in-line device programming, using ProLINE-RoadRunner
. Simplify inventory management
. Less material handling
. Just-in-time programming
. Supply chain efficiencies
. Lean Manufacturing
. Improve time-to-market
. Immediate response to code-changes
. Higher manufacturing profits

Benefits of moving from programming-at-test to programming-at-placement, using ProLINE-RoadRunner
. Reduce programmer/test time
. Optimize test (Expand Coverage)
. Reduce number of testers
. Optimize floor space utilization
. Balance the production line
. Place only verified devices
. Reduce board scrap costs
. High throughput at lower cost
. Fast code changes using TaskLink
. Higher manufacturing profits

Process Control Software (TaskLink™ for Windows®), is installed off-line on a secured personal computer. A system administrator uses TaskLink to create and secure programming Jobs. Completed Jobs are saved to a PCMCIA card then transferred to the ProLINERoadRunner to run a specific Job.

Built-in Diagnostics and Job Statistics are written back to the RoadRunner’s PCMCIA card at the end of the production run. Statistics are saved back to TaskLink for analyzing performance results to assist in optimizing production yields and throughput.

Expand Programming Capacity as needed by simply installing a second RoadRunner unit onto the same assembly machine, or install a second RoadRunner unit onto a different assembly machine on the same production line. This is ideal for newer products using higher-density Flash devices, or to further reduce cycle times required with increased capacity demands. Both alternatives require no additional floor space.
Product Specifications
View ProLINE-RoadRunner Siemens Product Specifications
[RRSiemens.pdf - ]
View ProLINE-RoadRunner Fuji NXT Product Specifications
[Fuji NXT RR datasheet 61107.pdf - ]
View ProLINE-RoadRunner Assembleon Product Specifications
View ProLINE-RoadRunner Panasonic Product Specifications
[PANASONIC.pdf - ]
View ProLINE-RoadRunner Universal Product Specifications
[UniversalRR.pdf - ]
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