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Data I/O's Connected Programming Systems

Data I/O® has developed new programming technology and a comprehensive business strategy for managing the firmware supply chain, where device programming is optimized and costs are minimized to meet today’s dynamic production needs. One of the key elements of this strategy is the ability to easily communicate and seamlessly transfer algorithms, data files, and programming profiles up and down the supply chain. Data I/O’s vision is lean manufacturing based on just-in-time programming, minimized inventory, and flexible manufacturing.

Since the company introduced the world’s first commercial programmer in 1972, it has consulted with hundreds of leading electronics manufacturers and developed solutions for a wide variety of applications across many industries. Currently, Data I/O is evolving its vision by working with SMA manufacturers such as Siemens, Universal, Fuji, Assembleon, and others to create JIT programming solutions.

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Data I/O Connected Programming Systems enable efficient movement of code (IP) throughout engineering and manufacturing operations by networking systems with a common platform and architecture.

A number of advanced technologies support this strategic vision. First, Data I/O customers benefit from versatile system architectures that can be integrated into existing business processes to maximize production output and minimize costs.

For example, Data I/O’s FlashPAK manual programming system combines an expandable architecture with high speed Flash programming. As a result, customers can operate leaner and more profitably on small programming runs, yet also operate more efficiently on larger programming runs.

Second, Data I/O’s TaskLink® for Windows ® software provides a platform that allows programming job profiles (algorithm, data file and programming parameters) to be passed seamlessly from design through manufacturing to final configuration and even field maintenance. This lowers development costs and speeds time to market because the user does not have to setup the equipment at each stage of the manufacturing process.

A third level of technology is networking capability, which provides a mechanism for central management, monitoring and control of intellectual property as it moves through the design, new product introduction, mass production, deployment and maintenance processes. This technology helps assure programming is current, secure, traceable and failsafe. Data I/O’s Connected Programming Strategy creates a unified programming solution — connecting engineering to manufacturing, business processes to business systems, and the programming supply chain to its users.

Finally, innovative programming solutions like the ProLINE-RoadRunner™ are providing high-volume manufacturers a way to program the exact number of devices required without interrupting the flow of production and without having to maintain and manage multiple inventories of pre-programmed devices. This, by definition is Just-In-Time programming.

Data I/O’s corporate business strategy is to grow by building partnerships with companies that seek leaner manufacturing methods. By helping companies manufacture more efficiently and therefore more profitably, Data I/O increases the value of its programming solutions and encourages companies to standardize on technology that will help the electronics industry across the entire firmware supply chain.

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About Data I/O
Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ:DAIO) enables companies to improve productivity and reduce costs by providing manual and automated device programming solutions for design and manufacturing applications. Data I/O introduced the world’s first commercial programmers in 1972 and is the leading innovator in the device programming solution market. The company continues to develop unique innovations such as the ProLINE-RoadRunner, the world’s most cost-effective inline programming system, incorporating the world’s fastest Flash programming architecture. Data I/O Corporation is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, and has sales and service offices worldwide. More information can be found in the Data I/O Store, Learning and Device Research Center.
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