Why automate programming?
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Data I/O automates Flash Media duplication and securely manages IP and Digital Rights
The component programming business demands a competitive edge. Data I/O offers Programming Centers solutions that are flexible and scalable to maximize investment with quality, breadth and depth in a common platform.

Data I/O is a major supplier to value-added programming companies. Our products and support make the programming of millions of semiconductors a profitable business every year. Start up operations and some of the largest electronics companies in the U.S. and Europe benefit from the most unique, cost effective, efficient programming solutions in the industry.
Data I/O helps Programming Centers succeed:

Automate programming with equipment options from bench-top to high-volume .
Maximize throughput with the programming industry's fastest programming algorithms and processing speeds, and shortest changeover times.
Protect margins with 4 levels of socket technology for scaled adapter utilization and the lowest cost per part.
Leverage your quality message with Data I/O’s worldwide reputation as the leader in programming quality.
Minimize set-up and training with common adapters and job software from manual to top-end automation.
Monitor jobs remotely and analyze performance data with enhanced statistical processing software for optimal reliability and repeatability.
Customize software for ERP integration, serial number configuration , and version control.
Relax: Global operations with 24/7 support means there is always a Data I/O resource available to help you.
Data I/O offers customized and unique solutions via its consulting services.
To inquire more about how you can benefit from Data I/O’s unparalleled services, please contact our segment managers at
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