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The group of companies that design, manufacture and market programmable semiconductor devices such as memory, microcontroller and logic devices form the semiconductor market segment for Data I/O. Data I/O’s relationship with semiconductor manufacturers, OEMs, EMS’s, ODMs, and programming center customers is indispensable. For this reason, Data I/O defines semiconductor companies as a distinct market segment.

Data I/O has deployed hundreds of unique, cost effective, efficient programming solutions in the semiconductor market segment for more than 35 years. Every year, billions of programmable microcontroller and memory devices are programmed on Data I/O’s high-quality automated programming systems worldwide.
Data I/O distinguishes itself in the semiconductor market:

Data I/O has unique knowledge and expertise in understanding integration of program mable semiconductor devices into electronics products at manufacturing. This knowledge and expertise is resident and distributed globally among Data I/O’s staff.
Data I/O has a strong relationship with top tier OEM, ODM and EMS customers.
Data I/O’s global presence and support ensure timely, high-quality and localized support.
Data I/O provides programming solutions for every programming use-case such as automated,manual, in-system, manual, in-line programming.
Data I/O offers the industry’s largest library of bad block schemes for NAND memory devices and the largest library of devices supported.
Data I/O focuses on unique solutions and intellectual property such as just-in-time programming,a universal in-system programming solution, and customer programming solutions either at the fab or at a customer site.
High-quality programming, reduced RMAs, and increased productivity are a result of Data I/O’s proprietary technology such as automated programmers, high insertion count (HIC) and high performance socket adapters (HPS).
Data I/O offers the “Preferred Partnership Program” to selected semiconductor companies toimprove the quality of programming and time-to-market.
In addition to hardware solutions, Data I/O also has unique software solutions such as Remote Monitoring Software, Data Mapper, Serial Number Server, Tape Label Generator, Enhanced Statistical Processing Control Software, Version Control and Enhanced Fail Handling Software.
To inquire more about how you can benefit from Data I/O’s unparalleled services, please contact our segment managers at
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