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Data I/O automates Flash Media duplication and securely manages IP and Digital Rights
Wireless consumer technology depends on programmable memory. Whether it is Flash media, NAND, Disk-On-Chip, or embedded Flash memory, Data I/O leads the way in securely loading and protecting content.

Data I/O helps wireless OEM, ODM, and EMS companies manage their global programmable device supply chain from design through manufacturing. Starting with our 35 years of device knowledge and semiconductor partnerships, Data I/O design engineers deliver rapid programming support for the fastest time to market. Our prototyping and NPI programming tools use the same files and hardware as our volume manufacturing equipment, providing seamless transfer of IP between design centers and production facilities regardless of location. Remote monitoring capability provides the feedback to complete the supply chain loop and ensure quality, precision, and repeatability.
Data I/O distinguishes itself in the wireless market with the following:
Data I/O offers a full range of integrated solutions that assure your success in the use of programmable devices, from design, through Prototype, NPI, and production:

Data I/O has developed the only true in-line programming equipment, making just in time configuration a reality by programming on the SMT line immediately prior to device placement.
Data I/O is the industry expert on NAND Flash programming with the largest library of bad block schemes available and full support for preloading content on Secure Digital and Multi-Media card formats.
Data I/O offers tools and customized solutions to serialize and secure programmed data with application specific software protection.
Data I/O products minimize VA costs with high quality statistical reporting and with four levels of
interconnect technology for the lowest cost per programmed part.
Data I/O provides the world’s fastest programming of high-density flash in every use case including automated, manual, in-system, and in-line programming.
Data I/O solutions lead the industry by programming millions of cell phones, PDAs, game consoles, camcorders, DVD players, set-top boxes, etc., every day.
Data I/O maintains global engineering and service operations with direct offices in Europe, Asia, and
North America.
To inquire more about how you can benefit from Data I/O’s unparalleled services, please contact our segment managers at
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