Bootloader Microcontrollers increase flexibility in production test.
Read our ‘how to’ article on leveraging self-programming.
Take control of ECU quality with Data I/O's Automotive Performance Programming System:
Data I/O automates Flash Media duplication and securely manages IP and Digital Rights
Ensuring Data Retention
Data I/O is focused on Automotive
In today's vehicles, intelligent Microcontrollers are accelerating the evolution of the automotive industry. Automotive manufacturers and the EMS companies who serve them know that future success relies on exciting electronic features in new automotive products.
Technology Expertise
Data I/O offers a full range of integrated solutions that assure your success in the use of programmable devices, from design, through Prototype, NPI, and production:

A complete understanding of programmable device technologies.
Device programming software for the most popular microcontroller and memory devices, including Freescale, Fujitsu, Infineon, Microchip Technologies, NEC, Renesas, ST Microelectronics.
Custom bootloader and application integration development.
Data file management tools.
Dynamic data/serialization, bar coding, and laser marking.
Advanced device socket technologies.
In-System/on-board programming .
ROHS compliant hardware.
Focused Solutions
We understand that your product design and production requirements are unique. The automotive industry demands advanced technologies and full traceability of production processes. Our Application Integration Services teams can make device programming a seamless step in your process, while providing critical performance statistics to your internal supply chain.
Quality is critical in automotive manufacturing. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) expect zero failures. Data I/O’s Connected Programming Strategy ensures that every device programmed in production is precisely compliant with the approved design. Faulty or mis-programmed devices are isolated, assuring that only known good components go to placement.
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