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Whether you use flash memory cards or other flash-based memory or microcontroller devices, Data I/O’s Flash Media Duplication (FLX-FMD) System is a versatile, one-stop solution that satisfies all production programming needs.  FLX-FMD reduces cost, improves quality, and increases your security.

Consumption of NAND flash memory in electronic products has increased the complexity in design and production.  Designing NAND devices into electronic products requires special attention to memory management issues such as bad-blocks, wear-leveling, and ECC.  To address these design and production issues often consumes additional development time and resources.  This increases cost and time-to-market. 

With industry standard interfaces, flash media cards can help reduce both cost and time-to-market pressure.  SD and MMC cards are the most common flash cards today used in consumer electronics products. 

Historically, content programming onto these cards has been manual.  Manual card programming is slow, prone to errors, and expensive due to labor cost and operator errors.  Also, the open manufacturing environment does not protect the intellectual property programmed onto these cards.  

Data I/O’s FLX-FMD: (Flash Media Duplication System) has been designed to address all of these production issues.

  • reduces cost
  • improves quality
  • provides secure data (content) management
  • Reduced Cost

    FLX-FMD helps reduce cost by eliminating the need for a dedicated operator.  This, in turn, eliminates operator error.  Increased throughput of the system reduces cost of programming cards.  With its 8.5 MB/sec write speed, FLX-FMD can program up to 750 cards per hour.  FLX-FMD can also accommodate FlashCORE™ programming modules to program other programmable memory and microcontroller devices.  The modular structure of FLX-FMD protects customers’ investment in their programming platform as technologies change or production volume increase.  As technologies change, new modules can be added to the system to support different application requirements.  FLX-FMD also reduces cost with its small footprint and production integration.

    Improved Quality 

    Improved quality is achieved by minimizing operator intervention during production.  The SD/MMC programmer modules in the FLX-FMD are built according to the specifications released by SD and MMC organizations.  Compliance with these specifications also ensures that content programming complies with industry standards.  Network integration of the FLX-FMD via NETConnect™ software helps improve quality by reducing operation intervention to the process.

    Secure Data Management

    FLX-FMD can be integrated into card content programming seamlessly with NETConnect™ software.  This integration can be customized to your production requirements and automates access to customer data files, serial-number handling, and inventory tracking.  Authorized access to data file and control of data flow enhance protection of high-value data during production.

    FLX-FMD System supports the following types of devices.  If your card/device type is not on this list, contact Data I/O to inquire about its support.

    SD Cards

    MMC Cards

    Other Memory & Microcontroller

    • Standard SD
    • Mini SD
    • Micro SD
    • SDHC
    • MMC
    • RS-MMC / MMCmobile
    • MMC Micro
    • MMC Plus

    For performance and feature details of the Flash Media Duplication System, review the system datasheet.

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