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Data I/O Programming Services offer consulting and facilitation of on-site programming operations. On-site programming is an excellent match for companies with high volume, project-based programming requirements. You may be challenged by the high cost and turnaround times required from off-site programming services. You may be concerned about quality. Or, you may want to focus on your core business and eliminate the capital investment, management effort, and training required to run your own device programming operations.

Data I/O's Programming Services team partners with you to identify programming options that improve your supply chain operations while removing the burdens of managing an internal programming center.

Reducing Costs; Improving Quality in the Programmable Device Supply Chain
Supply Chain Management and Burden Costs: On-site operations reduce the response time for programmables from days to hours. Financial performance is increased by reduced WIP, part numbers, and preprogrammed inventory. Consumable materials such as adapters and sockets, various devices and data files, programming algorithms and software versions are all managed on-site as part of your overall supply chain process. Operators and supervisors for the programming operation may be hired, trained, and managed to Data I/O standards.

Cost of Quality: Data I/O equipment and management tools control the cost of quality. The highest possible first pass programming yields are obtained through use of proprietary socketing technology. Costs associated with programming errors become visible and correctible through the use of Data I/O's remote monitoring and data processing tools. Code changes can be immediately and accurately implemented in a dedicated operation.

Capital Costs: As the supplier of the world's most technologically advanced automated programming equipment, Data I/O is able to offer you the full benefit of automated machines at pennies per part.

Services Offered
Automated device programming
• Device receiving and inspection
Device re-packaging
• Device inventory management
Remote monitoring
• IP file tracking
Device serialization
• Programming equipment maintenance
Socket adapter procurement
• First Article Builds
Bar code support
• Full compliance with quality processes control
Full or partial array programming
• Integrated supply chain models
NAND bad block management
• Data file management
Laser marking
• Full compliance with line demand and build process
Label printing application
• Metrics reporting on device volumes, yields, and failures

To learn more about how you can benefit from Data I/O's unparalleled Programming Services, please contact our segment managers at

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