What is Data I/O’s Preferred Partnership Program?
Why does Data I/O have a Preferred Partnership Program?
How does the Preferred Partnership Program benefit partners and their customers?
Sample benefits to semiconductor partners
Sample benefits to end-customers
What is Data I/O's Preferred Partnership Program?
The Preferred Partnership Program (PPP) is a global program that includes Data I/O, selected semiconductor companies, and their customers. The purpose of the PPP is to address time-to-market challenges, focus on the quality of device programming, and serve mutual customers better by collaborating in sales, marketing and technical areas.
Why does Data I/O have a Preferred Partnership Program?

The Preferred Partnership Program was developed in 2005 in response to a changing marketplace. For 35 years, Data I/O has provided device programming solutions to a wide range of semiconductor companies and their customers around the world. Device support for this broad reach was manageable when there was a handful of devices and semiconductor companies in the market place.

In today’s hypercompetitive market, several hundred semiconductor device manufacturers release dozens of devices every year in different forms and with customized functions. Considering the proliferation and growing complexity of these devices, demand on device support and the complexity of the support required have grown exponentially.

In order to continue providing the highest quality support, Data I/O has changed its business strategy to prioritize device support and to offer the highest quality service to selected semiconductor companies and their customers. In its relentless pursuit of quality, Data I/O developed its Preferred Partnership Program.

How does the Preferred Partnership Program benefit partners and their customers?

The Preferred Partnership Program serves each partner differently, as each PPP relationship is customized according to partners’ needs and priorities. The following lists offer examples of the high-level benefits that can be gained in the partnership program.

Sample benefits to semiconductor partners:

Unlimited access to Data I/O’s strong IP and technological leadership .
Reduced RMAs based on Data I/O’s proprietary technology .
Mutual technology development that offers a full solution to OEM customers rather than only support
for a device.
Global support in every language and time zone, 24/7.
Collaboration in sales, marketing and technical areas to facilitate the adoption of partners’ semiconductor devices.
Dedicated partner web site with relevant technical and application material.
Dedicated attention from Data I/O’s CTO, semiconductor, wireless and automotive segment managers to coordinate technical and business matters and bring strategically important customers into the partnership.
Increased customer loyalty based on customer comfort.
Main technical in-house point-of-contact. top
Sample benefits to end-customers:

Reduction of technical risk on OEM customers’ projects.
Faster transitions from R&D to high-volume manufacturing.
Customized, seamless solutions to OEM customers.
Priority device support from Data I/O.
Reduced manufacturing costs based on access to high-quality programming solutions.
Access to a Data I/O programming expert in multiple time zones.
In-house support as necessary.
Library of application and technical notes.
Early support for new devices and emerging technologies.
Hardware and software solutions tailored to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs with Partners’ devices.
Focused attention from Data I/O segment’s managers for long-term planning and fast response time.
Exclusive invitation to Data I/O’s global seminars to educate customers about programming and device technologies.
For any questions, comments about Data I/O’s Preferred Partners Program, please contact us at or at (425)867-6910 in the USA.
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