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Keep Current Subscription Service
What is the Keep Current Subscription Service?

Data I/O automatically ships Update Kits up to three times per year to all Keep Current subscribers. Update Kits contain a full set of programmer system software, algorithms, and user notes. In addition to receiving Update Kits, Keep Current subscribers have unlimited access to the very latest algorithms via the Data I/O web site.

A Keep Current subscription is our commitment to you for the highest programming quality in the industry and support for the latest programming algorithms.

Why is it important to use the latest programming algorithms?

New devices are introduced all the time—
Semiconductor manufacturers are continually introducing new products into the marketplace with new package types, sizes and shapes, and new technologies to support the need for flexibility, quality and speed in today's product design and manufacturing. Data I/O created programming equipment and algorithms for over 400 new devices during 1996 alone.

Devices change frequently—
A typical programmable device undergoes several changes during its lifetime in an effort to maintain or improve device characteristics and process yields.

Programming algorithms change, too—
These changes may require a new programming algorithm for an existing device. An algorithm is a set of instructions that tells the programmer how to program your design into a particular type of device. Data I/O works with nearly 100 semiconductor manufacturers worldwide, staying ahead of new device introductions and device changes, and supporting these device improvements with new algorithms. Our commitment is to support these changes before the new or modified parts are distributed, so you can be sure you're always using the latest programming algorithms that were specifically created for the device you are programming.

Using the latest algorithms is your key to reliability—
Using the newest algorithm is optimal. In many cases, while the older algorithm will program the device, it may not provide the throughput or level of data retention that would be possible with the newest algorithm. Failure to use the most current algorithm can decrease your programming yields, increase programming times, or even affect the long term reliability of the programmed device.

How do I make sure I have the very latest algorithms?

New algorithms are released nearly every day, and Keep Current subscribers don't need to wait for the next Update Kit to obtain them. The latest programming algorithms are available for download from the Data I/O web site for UniSite, 3980xpi, 2900, and ProMaster/AutoSite programming systems.

Click here to learn how to download and install Keep Current Algorithms.

Click here to search for Keep Current Algorithms.

How do I subscribe?

Keep Current Subscription service is available through all Data I/O sales representatives.

To learn more about Keep Current Subscription service, in the USA call:

1-800-3-DATAIO (800-332-8246)

Outside the USA, please contact your local sales representative.

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